Panasonic kondicionieru un siltumsūkņu oficiālais izplatītājs un sertificēts servisa centrs Latvijā no 1998.gada ! Salons Rīgā ,Straupes ielā 3. Tālrunis +371 67310 975 RIKON    ANNO 1991

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Our Company was founded in 1992 and since 1996 deals with environmental comfort, designing and distributing products for air conditioning.

Headed by Ferroli Luciano and with the aid of his three sons, we are now an active corporation established, since 2005, in 92.000 m² owned building.
Since our first steps in a competitive market, we are now present in the italian territory with more than 40 agencies and in 34 countries all around the world, with more than 350 service centres to provide fast and efficient assistance.

We are proud to have one of the widest range and highest quality products worldwide, especially thanks to our continuous research and innovation so as the introduction of new products.
Your wellness is our task, we guarantee: variety, technology and solutions.

Simone Ferroli
Sales Manager





In 2005 we choose to enlarge our activity abroad, with positive feedback both for the quality and for the wide range of products.

Our success exceeded our expectations. Agreements signed with important distributors along with our strong growth, definetively confirmed our faith in this new venture. Nowadays Advantix Spa is present in 34 countries around the world. Our high quality air conditioning systems, are able to satisfy the requirements of all sizes of residential applications, as well as commercial applications, including hotels, hospitals, fitness centres, offices, shopping centres and more. Being international is the key for a strategic development, that's what we believe in.

This is our work in progess...always.




The Limited Liability Company ”RIKON AC” is an official certified  MAXA AirCon service centre with 15 years of  air conditioning experience in Latvia.

Our goal is to provide a warranty service and  a post warranty service in Latvia. 

We have created a wide range of services in Latvia to provide every MAXA AirCon or heat pump user with a high quality, efficient service across the country.

We have sold more than 6000 AirCon units offering a full warranty!

We offer 3 years MAXA AirCon warranty to our clients, who use preventive  maintenance provided by our MAXA service partners!



The corporate headquarters is located in Arcole, in the east side of Verona, where our high efficiency inverter heating pumps are produced.

In the factories of Padova and Udine are produced our chillers range from 20 kW up to 1500 kW, the result both from high quality components and high level technology that always distinguished us.

On 2010 we started production of the new range inverter heating pumps. We are one of the few companies all around the world able to develop, manage and built products with such technology. We proudly may tell to have in our team skilled and qualified engineers.



Panasonic Värmepumpar, Panasonic flagship HE9PKE , Panasonic Etherea NE9PKE , Panasonic Inverer CE9PKE


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